The little dream of Nina Sarkisyants...❤️

NinaSarkisyants Bridal Couture

When we created the brand "NinaSarkisyants", we were literally passing through thorns to the stars ❤️ Registration of the international brand, creation of production in another country, dispatch to dealers in different countries. One thing is when you sew one or two or five dresses, and a completely different thing is when you create international collections ❤️ Each photo that you see in Instagram is created in large-scale shooting❤️ The creation of each dress is a very difficult work, starting with a sketch and ending with each thand embroidered element. And only a small part is laid out in Instagram. And all this is a system called "NinaSarkisyants", which once began with our small dream ❤️ NinaSarkisyants Bridal Couture